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Global economic developments and technological advances rapidly bring the impact to the emergence of tight competition almost in every line. Such circumstances require businesses to adjust to market demands, the need to respond quickly and flexibly in an effort to improve customer service. For that, we need a structural change in business management by minimizing the span of management control, cut in such a way as to become more effective, efficient and stay productive. In this regards can be interpreted and understood when then emerged a tendency to use outsourcing in a way that sell wholesale one part or several parts of activities previously managed his own company to another company which was later named the outsourcing company. PT. Graha Indotama Taramadina is an outsourcing company that assisting and bridging the enterprise as the service user as well as the job vacancy provider with the job seekers. Our company is a company engaged in the service provider as well as managing the workforces especially in domestic labor, in order to that mission PT. Graha Indotama Taramadina can be a good option as the partner in the fulfillment of labor required by companies immediately and good quality as well as having a high work ethic.
GIT Parking Service
Man Power Consultant
Man Power Training
Man Power Management
Labour Supply
General Contractor
Security Service
Cleaning Service
Ruko Niaga Kalimas I
Jl. KH. Noer Ali Blok C No. 15
Jatimulya, Tambun Selatan
P : (62-021) 88357917
F : (62-021) 88357916
Mo-Fri 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday to 12:30PM

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