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PT. Graha Indotama Taramadina is one of a series of Service Provider Company Workers (PPJP) or better known as Outsourcing Service Company in Bekasi regency, which success to leading provider of workers with a quality service that originate in the in-house training, seminars, and raining to all staffs as well as experience, productivity, and human resources that are reliable. Established on March 26 2003 and began to full operation at the end of that same year. PT. Graha Indotama Taramadina is an outsourcing service company that is success in the employment area in Bekasi. Management and Human Resources are the only step that have to be met in order to support company’s programs for the better or good corporate governance and utilization of information technology implementation in the payroll system and good administration system. The presence of PT. Graha Indotama Taramadina has provided enlightenment for the business world in Bekasi particularly through a series of breakthroughs that give priority on customer satisfaction.
PT. Graha Indotama Taramadina since its establishment in March 2003 known as the leader in preparing the skilled human resources and experienced in their field that needed by companies. Therefore, PT. Graha Indotama Taramadina is the right option to be a partner in workforce management outsourcing or recruitment of human resources needed by the companies. The employee who is placed by PT. Graha Indotama Taramadina has a high loyalty to the principle of putting customer satisfaction as the top priority, especially the service to its partner companies. Success in employment across the world stage does not make the PT. Graha Indotama Taramadina forget the social mission. PT. Graha Indotama Taramadina also an active participate in order to help the government particularly Labor Department in placement.
GIT Parking Service
Man Power Consultant
Man Power Training
Man Power Management
Labour Supply
General Contractor
Security Service
Cleaning Service
Ruko Niaga Kalimas I
Jl. KH. Noer Ali Blok C No. 15
Jatimulya, Tambun Selatan
P : (62-021) 88357917
F : (62-021) 88357916
Mo-Fri 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday to 12:30PM

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