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Man Power Management
Recruitment, placement and management of labor that we have started preparing for junior high school education up to degree level and experience of non-service user experience so that the company (user) can choose candidates according to the needs of workforce management company that is the responsibility of PT. Graha Indotama Taramadina Fee Management system with 10-12% (ten-twelve percent) or by agreement between the service user with a management company PT. Graha Indotama Taramadina.

The advantage with using the system of outsourcing are as follows :
1. If there is a decrease in production volume, then the employee can be returned to the company providing labor services without the burden of any.

2. If the employee works less well or frequently absent from work then the employee can be returned and replaced by those of other candidates within 2 (two) working days without any burden to bear before the contract expires.

3. Labor standards still follow the standards prevailing in the company.

4. By using this outsourcing system, the Human Resources Development needs can be tailored to the needs of production so there is no surplus labor that can increase the cost of the company.

5. It can reduce operating costs that must be paid when the company because Human Resources Development is no longer needed to be returned to service providers with no cost associated with layoffs problems etc.

6. Can minimize labor problems such as strikes, layoffs, associated with laying off employees due to no production and so on.

7. The system of contract labor has become a trend of international business world, to enhance the competitiveness of the company because the company can improve efficiency so that they can sell the product becomes cheaper.
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